18 Health Benefits of Orgasms


Mae West was ahead of her time when she said, “An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away.” An orgasm isn’t just pleasurable — it also makes you healthier and improves the overall quality of your life.

According to sex educator Charlie Glickman, “Pleasure supports well-being.” Another way to think about it as sexologist Jaiya suggests, “Orgasms equal long life.” Knowing that, you should be having an orgasm everyday no matter how old you are! Ok – maybe that’s not reasonable for many of us, but once a week is definitely doable.

So, how do orgasms actually keep you healthy? First and foremost, orgasms feel good and make you happy. They are also responsible for so many other things that keep both women’s and men’s bodies healthy.

Benefits of Orgasm for Women:

1. Improves Everything “Down There”

For women, orgasms improve circulation to the organs in the pelvic cavity. They also deliver nutrients “down there” and promote normal estrogen levels to keep everything healthy and ready for action. The extra blood flow from an orgasm rushes to the tissues in this area, helping them stay toned, young and strong.

Orgasms also help the pituitary gland, which regulates the release of reproductive hormones that induce ovulation and cervical fluid to increase fertility.

(For both men and women, orgasms help keep everything in place and working they right way. They decrease incontinence and other pelvic floor related disorders among seniors.)

2. Helps You Sleep

Have you ever had an orgasm and then immediately fallen asleep? That is not only because you have used a lot of energy. It’s also because orgasms release many different hormones that relax you and make you drowsy.

After an orgasm, oxytocin is created, which then triggers the release of endorphins. These endorphins often make you sleepy. Oxytocin can also to reduce your cortisol levels (an inflammatory hormone released by the adrenal glands) to create even more relaxation and/or sleepiness.

Yet another hormone that’s released after an orgasm is prolactin, which causes stem cells in the brain to develop new neurons in the brain’s olfactory bulb (or smell centre). Prolactin levels are naturally higher during sleep. In women, prolactin is known to surge after sex, during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Just in case you are wondering, the tendency to fall asleep first after sex is also associated with greater partner desire for bonding and affection. Whether or not you believe these findings from the University of Michigan and Albright College is up to you.

3. Helps You Look Younger

The hormone DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) released during sex maintains and repairs tissue and promotes healthy skin. In other words, it helps you look younger. Studies show that having sex three times a week (when in a stress free relationship) can make you look almost 10 years younger!

4. Boosts The Immune System

Orgasms can help to balance the immune system, which can combat colds and the flu. During orgasm, your body releases an antibody known as immunoglobulin A. This chemical boosts the immune system, providing protection from infections and viruses.

Let’s not forget that orgasms gives your body a natural lymphatic massage. They help your body’s natural detoxification process to kill bacteria and viruses.

5. Clears Your Stuffy Nose

Have no fear if you do get sick — orgasms can still help you feel better! The same prolactin hormone that was mentioned earlier also stimulates neurons in your nose. This will clear up stuffy sinuses and heighten your sense of smell.

6. Relieves Pain

Believe it or not, orgasms can help you decrease and manage pain by about 70%. Orgasms can more than double a woman’s tolerance for pain. “When women had orgasms, their pain thresholds went up by more than 108%,” says Beverly Whipple, researcher and professor emeritus at Rutgers University and co-author of The Science of Orgasm.

Why? Those endorphins not only help you sleep, but they are also a natural drug-free way to beat pain. Plus, it’s analgesic, not an anesthetic, meaning it suppresses pain without affecting sensitivity to touch.

7. Helps With Your Period

The painkilling properties of orgasms can be helpful when you have your period. They can also help to regulate your menstrual cycle. Women who have sex at least once a week are more likely to have normal cycles than women who don’t. Also, studies have shown that having orgasms while having your period protects against endometriosis, a uterine condition that can lead to infertility.

8. Helps Prevent Breast Cancer

Oxytocin is awesome. The more oxytocin you have, the better the orgasm. Plus, it helps you sleep. Oxytocin has also been shown to possibly prevent breast cancer cells from developing into a tumor.

9. Reduces The Risk Of Heart Disease

Some studies have shown that orgasms can lower blood pressure levels among women. High blood pressure can lead to heart attacks. Therefore, having sex 2 to 3 times a week might decrease the risk of heart attack.

10. Makes You Less Hungry

Oxytocin works in so many ways! It raises levels of a substance called CCK, which acts as a hunger suppressant. The oxytocin also fights the harmful effects of cortisol, which is well known for its role in boosting belly fat and cravings for carbs.

Let’s not forget the dopamine that we get from sex, which increases steadily to the point of orgasm and then declines. Dopamine helps curb your appetite as well. The dopamine pathways in the brain involved in stimulating your desire for both sex and food are shut down by the hormones released immediately after your have an orgasm.

11. Reduces Risk Of Mild Depression

How can you be depressed when you are having orgasms on a regular basis? They feel so good! Those endorphins that are released not only prevent pain and help you sleep, but they also produce euphoria and pleasure.

The awesome hormone, oxytocin, may lower rates of depression and anxiety by counteracting cortisol, which can cause stress and depression.

12. Exercise

According to WebMD, sex burns about 5 calories per minute. It might sound like very little, but at least it’s better than sitting in front of the computer or television!

13. Helps Your Memory

Having sex keeps your brain sharp and can improve brain function. In increasing blood circulation, it transports oxygen-enriched blood to the hypothalamus, the part of your brain that controls memory and learning.

In fact, some scientists suggest that enjoying regular orgasms is an excellent way to improve memory. According to neuroscientist, Professor Barry Komisaruk, “mental exercises increase brain activity but only in relatively localized regions.” Every little bit helps especially as you get older!

14. Cures Hiccups

Orgasms stimulate the vagus nerve, a long nerve that runs from the stem of the brain down to all the internal organs in the chest, pelvis and abdomen. The late Dr. Francis Fesmire said that stimulating this nerve is the best way to cure a case of hiccups. It might be hard to concentrate, but it’s worth a shot!

15. Boosts Testosterone Levels

Sexual function is a lot like a muscle — if you don’t use it, you lose it and all of the hormonal benefits that come with it. Women who enjoy more orgasms have increased estrogen and testosterone. That translates to more sexual desire, it makes you feel sexier, and it improves you mood.

16. Helps With Stomach Issues

The awesome and powerful oxytocin also helps to lower blood pressure and can improve digestion. Oxytocin receptors have been found in the stomach, showing that oxytocin can even calm some stomach issues.

17. Fights Morning Sickness

Many pregnant women experience morning sickness. Psychologist Gordon Gallup suggests that a man’s sperm can relieve some of the symptoms. He believe that since sperm was what made you sick, building up a tolerance is the only way to fix your nausea. So, try oral sex! At least, it will make him happy!

Benefits of Orgasm for Men:

18. Reduces Risk Of Prostate Cancer

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, a higher frequency of ejaculations is related to a decreased risk of prostate cancer. And, don’t forget prostate massages! They will make him healthier, and he will also experience an orgasm like no other!

There are so many things that we are supposed to do to stay healthy that we don’t really enjoy. Orgasms are definitely not one of them!

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The Secrets to Better, Stronger Orgasms For Women


So many women don’t realize that pleasure (and orgasms) is their birthright. One part of a woman’s body, the clitoris, has no other job besides giving her pleasure. Some women are very lucky — they orgasm very easily. Other women have a very hard time achieving an orgasm. Since My Secret Luxury is all about your pursuit of pleasure, we thought it was time to help women achieve those orgasms they so rightly deserve!


You Need Oxytocin

Although Oxytocin plays an important role in sexual reproduction (during and after childbirth), some researchers believe that it might also be the key to better orgasms, according to a new study. Specifically they found that more oxytocin increased the intensity of orgasm and contentment after sexual intercourse.

So how do you get more oxytocin? Touching or showing your love to your partner can increase oxytocin. Sometimes, hearing the words, “I love you” or “I want you” can also get those oxytocin levels higher.

Foreplay is Key

Just like you are supposed to stretch before you exercise or get all of your ingredients organized before you start cooking, foreplay is what you should do for orgasmic results in the bedroom. Whether it is touching, dirty talk or teasing, foreplay is 100% necessary for women. Most women need about 20 minutes for best results.

Use Personal Lubricant

You might think that you don’t need lube because you are wet enough or nothing is wrong with you. WRONG! Personal lubricant enhances sexual play and makes it better and more enjoyable. Use the right kind of lubricant for the right situation.

Read more about Lube 101

Practice Makes Perfect

Did your mother always tell you to practice? Why? Because it made you better at whatever you were doing. It’s so important to figure out what you like and don’t like. It will increase the likelihood of an orgasm with a partner when you figure out how to do it by yourself. Masturbating is the key to knowing how your body works and reacts to stimulation.

Resist Temptation

It really is true: good things come to those who wait. The longer you hold off, the sweeter the reward!


Edging or orgasm control is used to describe when you come as close to the orgasm edge as possible without actually having an orgasm. In other words, when you are just about to orgasm, you STOP. Yes, that’s right — STOP. If you keep repeating this about 3 or 4 times, you will build up to a bigger and more intense orgasm.

The Very Important Clitoris

One of the major reasons why women have trouble reaching orgasm during sex is because the clit is not getting enough attention. For over 70% of women, clitoral stimulation IS the only way they will orgasm. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s just how women are made. Taking that into consideration, clitoral stimulation should be a top priority.

Use the Right Luxury Sex Toys

Of course, this one is our favorite! So what if you need to use a vibrator to orgasm? It’s a much better option than not having an orgasm at all! Luxury vibrators are more powerful, last longer, feel softer and never complain!

See our best selling sex toys.

Eat The Right Foods

Can certain foods and herbs boost your libido? Some say yes and some say no. A plate of greasy food will definitely not help your orgasm, but there’s no harm in trying everything else! We all need to eat!

Exercise Your Kegels

Why exercise your kegel muscles? Because strong pelvic floor muscles are the key to stronger orgasms! It’s hard enough to get to the gym, but luckily, you can exercise your kegel muscles right from the comfort of your own home. It’s very easy to do with luxury kegel exercisers. Plus, some have small balls inside that vibrate for the extra reward for exercising!


Speaking about exercise . . . not only should you exercise your kegel muscles, you should also exercise the rest of your body! Not only does excercise make you more confident (and allows you to fit into that sexy bikini or dress) it also benefits you in the bedroom for those marathon sex sessions or crazy sexual positions!


What’s your secret for better orgasms?



Top 5 Best Masturbators for Men


Sex toys for men are becoming more and more popular and mainstream. (Women can’t have all the fun, right?) The hottest male sex toys are masturbators, which are different and some believe much better than their own hand. They are a great addition to anyone’s toy box.

What are Masturbators for Men?

Masturbators for men or masturbation sleeves include adult sex toys with a hole and a carved out tunnel for you to insert your penis. Designed in a variety of shapes and styles, some are realistic-looking, while others are more discreet. No matter what they look like, all masturbation sleeves are designed to feel similar to vaginal, anal, or oral sex. Used with lots of personal lubricant, they create different sensations for your penis.

Why Would You Want A Masturbator?

Sometimes, men want something different from their hand. A male masturbator offers different sensations, whether it is different textures, suction or vibration. Many men use these toys whether they are single or in a relationship.

When Do You Use A Masturbation Sleeve?

Masturbation sleeves are fun for solo or partner play. Some open-ended ones can enhance oral sex where your partner can use it to stroke your shaft while they focus on the head of your penis.

How Do You Use A Masturbator?

Personal lubricant is definitely needed with masturbation sleeves. In fact, thinner lubes are easiest to use with masturbation sleeves, as they can penetrate all the nooks & crannies! We recommend male lubricant that is designed specifically for men. Depending on the material of the toy, most toys work best with water-based lubricant.

Once you have lubed up, all you have to do is stick your penis in and start moving the masturbator up, down and around or let the vibration do its job.

Masturbators can be washed with soap and warm water or sex toy cleaner and need to be dried completely. (Except Fleshlights – DO NOT use soap – warm water only!!) Powdering some masturbators with cornstarch can help maintain the silky, skin-like feel.

Here’s our list of the Top 5 Best Masturbators for Men


Fleshlight is the most popular masturbator sleeve. This masturbator has a patented non-toxic stretchy sleeve made out of SuperSkin inside a hard plastic case designed to look like a flashlight. The interior sleeve is textured for more sensation and can be warmed to feel like the real thing. The cap on the end can be adjusted for more or less suction.

Fun Factory Cobra Libre

The Fun Factory Cobra Libre is a hands-free male masturbator. Just sit back, relax and enjoy! If the tip of your penis is extra sensitive, then you will love the vibration of the Cobra Libre. Stimulating the tip of the penis, this male sex toy features 3 powerful motors that deliver strong vibrations.

Pulse by Hot Octopuss

The next generation male masturbator, the Pulse’s oscillation technology comes from the medical field. This oscillator — not a vibrator —  generates very deep vibrations on the most sensitive area of the penis: the frenulum. Pulse can be used with a flaccid (or erect penis), making it excellent for men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Tenga Egg

Small and excellent for travel, these unique egg-shaped masturbation sleeves are super snug and discreet. Made of strechy elastomer, Tenga Eggs can either be used to stimulate the tip of the penis or can be stretched down the entire shaft. Inside each egg is a different textures for varied stimulation. They are a great way to experiment and see what you like. Although Tenga Eggs were designed as one-time only toys, they can be reused a few times if they are handled properly.

Tenga Flip Hole

The Tenga Flip Hole is a modern and discreet masturbation sleeve. It has the most intricate textures out of all of the masturbation sleeves and each color has a different inner texture. Each Flip Hole has 3 buttons that can be used to adjust suction and pressure for more or less stimulation. What makes this toy unique is it’s design: flip it open for super easy lube application and cleaning.

Which one are you ready to try? Have you found any that you liked better?

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Does Penis Size Matter?


Does Penis Size Matter?

All men obsess about their penis and prefer to have a big penis. This creates a ton of insecurity for men who have a smaller penis. According to a recent study from the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, 20% of men in the U.S. are dissatisfied with the size of their genitals.

What Is The Average Penis Size?

With so many unhappy men, you have to wonder, what is the average penis size? Average penis size when erect is 5.4″, according to Dr. Harry Fisch, M.D. Meanwhile, the average flaccid penis is 3.5″. (Is that bigger or smaller than you expected?)

Regardless of where you fall on the penis size scale, a big penis does not make you more manly or a better lover.

Does Penis Size Matter To Women?

Not really.

Most women notice if it’s too big (“Ouch – that hurts!”) or too small (“Is it in?”), but overall, women don’t care about size.

In a British study, 85% of women reported they were happy with their partner’s penis size. Meanwhile, a 2012 study of more than 300 U.S. women found that 60% said penis size made no difference to them. (We won’t deny that some women do enjoy the extra girth or angle of a penis.)

On the other hand, penis size matters for those women who frequently experience vaginal orgasms. According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, a new study finds that women who have frequent vaginal orgasms can orgasm more easily with men with larger penises. (By the way, a girthier penis is also associated with more sensation at the entrance of the vagina.)

If You Have A Small Penis, What Do You Do?

Although most heterosexual women enjoy the physical sensation and/or emotional closeness of penetration, having a big penis is not the only way to satisfy her. Size is only one small part in the overall equation for sexual satisfaction.

An important component of sexual satisfaction for a woman is a psychological connection, which includes attraction, love and watching you become aroused by the mere sight of her. She finds it hot when she sees that you are physically turned on by her.

If you know that she’s into you, then what? The rest is up to you! You have to know how to use your penis and how to pleasure her. No matter the size of your penis, you MUST focus on foreplay and stimulate the clitoris to help her to orgasm.

After all, for most women, vaginal sensation is secondary to the stimulation of the clitoris. For more than 70% of women, the clitoris is the key to the female orgasm. These women get the majority of their sexual pleasure from the external stimulation of the clitoris, and the penis is not a necessary part of external clitoral stimulation. Oral, manual touch or luxury vibrators are excellent ways to stimulate the clitoris.

Sex Positions For Men With A Small Penis

Ok – despite everything above, you still feel insecure about the size of your penis. If that’s the case, then you need to learn how to use your penis in the best way possible. Experiment with positions that allow for deep penetration and the ability for either of you to stimulate her clitoris manually or with a luxury vibrator during penetration. (Remember: it’s not just about you — it’s also about her.)

Here are our suggestions for the best sex positions for a small penis:


When performed at the correct angle, doggy style is an excellent position for a small penis to feel larger and for you to feel in control. Plus it also stimulates her G-spot.

She should bend forward onto her elbows/forearms (or lower her chest to the bed), while having her butt up in the air. To help create the most effective angle, her thighs should be close together to shorten the vaginal canal and make penetration deeper.

If she has strong pelvic floor muscles (that’s the benefit of kegel exercises!), she can grip you tightly, which helps to heighten sensation for both of you.

The Antelope

Similar to doggy style, both of you should kneel on the floor leaning over your couch or table. Open her legs from behind and enter.

The Hound

Yet another variant of doggy style, she should lower herself onto her forearms and push back as you enter from behind.

The Snake

She should lie flat on her belly with her legs closed and a pillow beneath her hips until her butt sticks up. Keeping your knees bent, straddle her hips while maintaining an upright position and place your genitals just behind her bottom. Gently spread her thighs (or even hold her thighs together) just enough to allow penetration and slide your way in.

The Rabbit Ears

She should lay on her back, spread her thighs and draw her legs up until her knees are close to her ears with a pillow under her butt. When you penetrate her, it will feel as though you’re filling her vagina completely.

Keep in mind that it can be hard for a woman to hold her legs in that position for extended periods of time. So, help her by placing your arm in the crook of her knee.

The V-formation

Again, she should lay on her back. While between her thighs, enter her as you normally would from a kneeling position. Then, raise her legs and grasp each one around the ankle spreading them apart until forming a “V.” This will create an angle that puts her G-spot directly in the path of your penis.

Girl On Top

If she likes having control and prefers being on top, she should move back and forth or in circles, rather than moving up and down your shaft. Not only will it prevent you from slipping out, but it will also enhance her sensation by rubbing her clitoris against your pelvic bone.

Every Small Penis Can Have A Decent Sex Life

Men with a smaller penis should not be discouraged from having a fulfilling sex life. There are definitely things that you can do to in the bedroom that will make you feel less insecure.

Do you have any other suggestions?


June is Adult Sex Education Month!



We are all intelligent adults, right? However, when it comes to sex, most of us are in the dark.

The only sex education we ever got was in health class (were you paying attention??) or from pornography (because it’s soo life-like!).

Not only do we sell high quality luxury non-toxic adult sex toys and accessories, we also try to educate people about all things sex toys and sex. Since we strongly believe in adult sex education, we have partnered with Adult Sex Ed Month to help us educate you.

What is #AdultSexEdMonth?

It’s a month-long celebration of sex. (Then again, shouldn’t we celebrate sex everyday?) We and the folks behind Adult Sex Ed Month want you to have “better, happier, healthier, sexier and safer sex.”

Dozens of awesome sex bloggers will be sharing their knowledge about the what’s, why’s and how’s of sex. All you have to do is find a topic you’re interested in or read the featured articles on the Featured Articles tab on the menu of the website.

In addition to lots of awesome information to read, watch and listen to, if you are on Twitter, there are lots of great Twitter chats taking place the entire month of June. Just look for the hashtags: #SexTalkNaija; #SexTalkTuesday; and #SexOverCocktails. Make sure to check the #AdultSexEdMonth Events page for dates and times.

Shockingly, most 80% of Americans want a better sex life. What better way to have better sex than to learn how to do it the right way (or at least not the wrong way)!

Adult Sex Ed Month is by far the “best summer school” you’ve ever attended. Believe us when we say that you will want to do the homework! Running until the end of June, you’ll be able to tell people, “I give good ed.”



The Secrets of Female Ejaculation & Squirting

The Secrets of Female Ejaculation

Female ejaculation: is it a myth or reality?

Considered by some the “unicorn of sexual experiences”, female ejaculation is real for many women. Female ejaculate is a small amount of whitish fluid that occurs during or just before you climax. Female ejaculation has been documented as far back the ancient Romans. The Kama Sutra and ancient Japanese erotic works also mention fluid coming from women’s genitals during orgasm.

Roughly 10 – 50% of women ejaculate at orgasm. That number could be even higher because more women may be ejaculating without even knowing it! Ejaculation can be as little as a few drops to a lot (1 – 2 cups), which is more like squirting (or as some people refer to it as “gushing”). It’s definitely not predictable and many women try but don’t succeed. 

Those who are able to do it, swear by it and describe it as “liberating” and “intensely pleasurable”.

What Is Female Ejaculation?

In the middle of the vulva, above the vaginal opening but below the clitoris, is the opening of women’s urine tube, the urethra. A group of glands are embedded in the tissue around it, the paraurethral glands.

In the 1880s, Alexander Skene discovered the first 2 paraurethral glands, called Skene’s glands. Skene documented that the glands he discovered produced a small amount of whitish fluid. Since then, several other paraurethral glands have been identified.

Shejaculation: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Gush

Fast forward to Alfred Kinsey, the first American sex researcher, and Masters and Johnson, the inventors of sex therapy. They both dismissed female ejaculation as simply a large amount vaginal lubrication.

Just recently, the medical establishment has admitted to the existence of the female prostate. The G-spot is the main ingredient in female ejaculation, and it’s no coincidence that the female G-spot is in practically exactly the same spot (ok – on a different wall) as the male prostate. The glands’ arrangement and the fact that they produced fluid reminded researchers of the male prostate. Some believe that a women’s ability to release fluid on orgasm suggests that it comes from the same gland that produces most of the fluid in semen. Believe it or not, it is actually near the exact (minus the sperm) chemical construction as prostatic fluid. In other words, the female version of the male prostate.

Is This Fluid Pee?

It is definitely not urine. When a man ejaculates, he ejaculates semen – not urine. It’s the same for women. (No one can deny that a little urine might also be expelled when ejaculating.) Also, the fluid is not yellow and foul smelling. Female ejaculate almost resembles watered down skim milk.

In a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, researchers determined that the fluid emitted during orgasm showed all the characteristics of prostate plasma and not urine. They concluded that this is be proof that our Paraurethral/Skene’s gland, where the fluid comes from, functions as female prostate glands.

Can Every Woman Do It?

In theory, every woman has the biological anatomy to ejaculate, but that doesn’t mean that they can do it. It may be more difficult for some because of the placement of the Skene’s gland and ability to produce prostate fluid, embarrassment, weak pelvic floor muscles, or the inability to properly relax or even orgasm.

Even with practice, not every woman can ejaculate. Those who have the proper anatomy might need time to learn how to ejaculate.

Is Squirting and Gushing The Same As Female Ejaculation?

Squirting and gushing are often used interchangeably with reference to female ejaculation, but they are actually different. Female ejaculation includes the release of a thick and whitish fluid from the female prostate, while “squirting” or “gushing,” commonly seen in porn, is the expulsion of clear fluid from the urinary bladder. (They inject water into the vagina before filming.) So, sorry to burst your bubble, but what you see in porn is most likely fake. Plus, most women can not ejaculate on command.

According to Dr. Debbie Herbenick, it’s hard to tell whether the women who squirt are truly experiencing the projection of female ejaculate or if they’re just peeing a little. Some women experience a bit of “gushing” during climax, but the reason often boils down to anatomical differences in genital tissue.

How To Female Ejaculate and Squirt

Step 1. Preparation

  • Exercise your kegels! Strong PC muscles and an awareness of your PC muscles are an important part of female ejaculation. Do your kegels!
  • Empty your bladder
  • Use a towel or a waterproof blanket

Step 2. Explore

  • Explore your body and learn about the female anatomy
  • Learn what you like and don’t like

Step 3. Arouse

  • Arousal is a very important part of the female ejaculation equation (The G-spot becomes easier to find and can handle more pressure when aroused.)
  • Feel how your arousal levels increase whether it be by yourself or with a partner
  • Do not rush to penetration

Step 4. Find the G-spot

  • Located approximately 2 – 3 inches inside the vagina, towards the front of the vaginal wall
  • Curve your fingers in a firm “come hither” motion toward the belly button
  • It will be a different texture (raised or ridged) than the rest of the vagina (When aroused, the G-spot swells with fluid and blood going from the size of a dime to the approximate size of a walnut.)

Step 5. Stimulate

  • Once you have found the G-spot, stimulate it with firm, steady and prolonged (15 – 30 minutes) stimulation
  • It might be easier with a partner’s help or a G-spot vibrator, one that has a curved end. (Fingers can only do so much!)
  • You may feel that you have to pee. This pressure is normal and you won’t pee especially if the bladder is empty. So get over your pee phobia!
  • Repeat several times increasing the speed

Step 6. Relax

  • The more you relax, the better able you are to have an ejaculation
  • Try not to tense up

Step 7. Enjoy

  • Increase your arousal and continue toward orgasm
  • Take “letting go” a step further by using the pelvic floor (PC) muscles to push out when you feel the urge to pee
  • Embrace the orgasm and the wetness.
  • Remember to not block the urethral opening with a toy, a penis or a hand.

Step 8. Practice

  • Some women squirt easily while others need to practice
  • Experiment with different G-spot vibrators and sexual positions
  • The key to female ejaculation is orgasm — without an orgasm, you will never ejaculate!

After Ejaculation

  • Drink water because you may be dehydrated
  • The pelvic nerve is the main nerve that controls female ejaculation, which also stimulates emotions. If you are feeling emotional, let that go too.

Find the sex toy to help you with female ejaculation


9 Mistakes Men Make About Sex Toys

9 Mistakes Men Make About Sex Toys

When most people think of sex toys, they are either grossed out or remember the infamous Sex and the City rabbit vibrator or a pocket rocket. However, just like every else has advanced — from technology to food to the way we shop — adult products have also changed. They have not only become more mainstream, but they are also more discreet and less intimidating. Despite the advancements in adult pleasure products, many men are still weary about using them, whether it is for themselves or with their partner.

Here are a 9 mistakes men make about adult sex toys:

1. Will My Partner Like Them Better Than Me?

Many men worry that their female lover will like a sex toy more than him. Although these are valid fears, they are based solely on natural insecurities. A sex toy can never replace the natural need for human touch and is purely an enhancement to sexual play.

We all know that approximately 75% of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. The reality is that men can’t replicate what a toy can do. Sometimes men’s fingers or tongue get tired or they can’t get the right speed or the right amount of pressure. If they can — that’s GREAT! If they can’t — that’s where vibrators help. On a similar note, dildos allow women to experience different textures and sizes. This is not a competition between a man and a sex toy, an inanimate object by the way. Sex toys will never be able to replace person-to-person contact or an emotional connection. Sex toys are objects and objects can’t replace is intimacy. So, they help her orgasm or give her a better orgasm, but nothing can replace the satisfaction and joy of being intimate with the person that you love. 

2. I Must Be Bad In Bed If My Partner Wants To Use A Sex Toy

Women enjoy using sex toys alone or with their partner. A woman’s use of sex toys is by no means a reflection of her partner’s ability in the bedroom. They add a whole new dimension to sexual play because they add variety. Couples should share in the experimentation together. Trying new things brings couples closer together and creates more intimacy.

Sex toys can also help her achieve pleasure, which is often a source of frustration between couples. While some women need toys to orgasm, other women find themselves reaching full arousal much faster using pleasure products. (There’s no shame in quickening things up. Women have lots of things to do!) Either way, this increases sexual satisfaction for both partners.

3. Will My Partner Become Addicted To Toys?

No! According to Psychology Today, “Addiction is a condition that results when a person . . . engages in an activity that can be pleasurable but the continued use of which becomes compulsive and interferes with ordinary life responsibilities, such as work or relationships, or health.” Furthermore, addiction “. . . is the need to take action under certain kinds of stress.” A person can be addicted to drugs or gambling, but not sex toys. It is true, that she may be very used to her toy and like it ALOT. If so, your partner can get so used to that type of stimulation that they won’t want any other kind. That’s where you come in: show your partner that other kinds of stimulation are just as good as the toy. If you try hard enough, you will succeed!

4. Respectful People Don’t Use Toys

Any type of person can use a sex toy – from your boss, neighbor, friend to the cashier at the supermarket. It doesn’t make anyone a bad person. Using a sex toy doesn’t make you “weird” or doesn’t say anything negative about your relationship. It just helps you have more fun in the bedroom! Plus, who will know? What you do in the bedroom is your business and doesn’t have to be shared unless you want to.

5. Sex Toys Are Just For Masturbation

Although adult toys are commonly used for masturbation, many couples enjoy using toys together, whether they are gay or straight. Couples who use pleasure products together are open-minded, comfortable trying new things together, and most of all — trusting. Couples toys are an excellent way to try this experience together. One of our favorites is the We-Vibe 4 Couples Vibrator, which is worn by her during sex. Another favorite is the LELO Lyla 2 Remote Controlled Egg Vibrator, which is a great way to tease your partner for a night out on the town! You could also try a vibrating penis ring, like the Je Joue Mio, which is worn on the penis and the vibrating part stimulates the clitoris.

6. Using Sex Toys Are Physically Dangerous

Wrong! In fact, sex toys can have very positive effects on sexual health.

For women, they can benefit from strengthening the pelvic floor muscles with kegel balls, such as Fun Toys Geisha Balls. If she suffers from painful sex, vibrators can stimulate blood flow. Did you know that many doctors and therapists recommend female sex toys to women who have trouble reaching orgasm?

For men, prostate massagers, such as the Fun Factory Duke Prostate Massager, reduce the risk of prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction and frequent nighttime urination. Penis or cock rings are excellent tools for men who suffer from premature ejaculation. 

Sex and orgasms help you live longer, block pain and, some say, look younger. If adult products help with that, why wouldn’t you use them? 

7. My Sex Life Is Fine – I Don’t Need Sex Toys

Nothing is perfect, right? Sex can always be better. Another way to look at it is if you like chocolate ice cream. If you eat it for every meal for a month, will you get sick of it? Most of us would. The same goes for sex. If you and your partner have sex the same way every time, it can get boring. Why not change it up with sex toys and sex accessories? Try it – you don’t have to like sex toys, but you will never know unless you try them.

8. My Partner Thinks They Are Stupid Or They Are Embarrassed

Before high quality sex toys came along, sex toys were stupid and embarrassing.  Pleasure products have evolved with more creative, technology-driven designs. Many of them look right at home next to an iPhone. Now less intimidating, these products are easier to bring into the bedroom and introduce them to your partner. Your lover will appreciate your efforts to make sure that they receive pleasure whether it is by you or a sex toy. A great lover is one that is thoughtful, honest and vulnerable. That’s you, right?

9. Using Male Sex Toys Makes Me A Homosexual

No Way! Just because you use a sex toy does not make you gay. Sometimes, the real thing is not available. So, you masturbate. For some guys, the hand never gets old. For others, they are interested in trying something new. Masturbators, like the Pulse or Fleshlight Pilot, don’t have to look like a vagina or an anus. They can be discreet if that’s what you prefer. Plus, have you ever considered masturbating with your partner? Some people find it very erotic to watch their partner masturbate.

A prostate massage is the best orgasm a man can have. Just because you stimulate the prostate via the butt, does not make you gay. Aneros CEO Chris Schenk discusses the “Super-O” — a term coined by an Aneros user describing the sensation of prostate or “male G-spot” stimulation. It “is often described as a series of smaller orgasms that build into a large and extremely intense full-body orgasm or series of orgasms” according to Schenk. Why would you not want to experience that?

It’s time to let go of fear . . .

No one says that you must use adult products to have a good sex life, but you can also enhance it by using them. Sex toys add variety and more pleasure if you and your partner already have a good sexual connection. Sex toys are excellent tools for helping to create amazing pleasure, boost intimacy and add fun to your relationship.

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