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Most Common Sexual Problems Couples Have In The Bedroom

Most Common Sexual Problems Couples Have In The Bedroom

Many couples who are married or in a relationship for a long time need help and have common sexual problems in the bedroom. One of the best parts of being married or in a long-term relationship is your deep intimacy with your partner. Your masks are gone and you can be fully yourselves – in the bedroom and out. On ... Read More »

The Ultimate Guide To Introducing Sex Toys In The Bedroom

The Ultimate Guide To Introducing Sex Toys In The Bedroom

Sex toys are a great way to add more fun, variety, and excitement in the bedroom. Learn how to introduce sex toys in the bedroom from sexual health educators. Why Every Relationship Needs Sex Toys Whether your sex life is amazing or you need help in the bedroom, every relationship needs sex toys. Why? Adult sex toys help you spice ... Read More »

12 Best Honeymoon Sex Toys


Your honeymoon is the perfect time to experience with sex toys! See My Secret Luxury’s picks for the 12 Best Honeymoon Sex Toys. It’s wedding season. For brides (and the grooms that help), planning a wedding is stressful and expensive, yet it turns out to be something beautiful and memorable. So much goes into planning a wedding that many couples are exhausted ... Read More »

12 Things To Try If Your Partner Takes Too Long To Orgasm

12-things-to-try-if-your-partner-takes-too-long-to-orgasm (1)

Help! My partner takes too long to orgasm. Why? What can we do about it? A common question that sexual health educators get is: HELP! My partner takes too long to orgasm! Why? What can I do? Although it’s usually a good thing that your partner is taking their time and enjoying you and the sexual play, sometimes you are thinking, ... Read More »

Painful Sexual Intercourse & Vaginal Atrophy – Causes & Treatment


Painful sexual intercourse and vaginal atrophy commonly occurs in people with vulvas after menopause. Simple and effective treatments mean that you don’t have to live with the discomfort it’s known to bring. What is vaginal atrophy? Vaginal atrophy (also known as atrophic vaginitis) is when the lining of your vagina gets thinner, drier, and inflamed. About half of postmenopausal people ... Read More »

10 Best Handjob Tips for Women from a Sex Educator


Learn the best handjob tips and tricks from a sex educator. Handjobs are not just for kids. Many adults forgot about this important part of sexual play that creates intimacy between you and your partner. They are a fun additional to  your sexual play and is a great tool especially when you are not interested in mutual masturbation or penetration. While you were young, no ... Read More »

Best New Sex Toys of 2017


updated 4/24/17 Welcome to 2017! Femtech and women’s health was all the rage in 2016. That included period trackers, apps to prescribe birth control, internet-connected breast pumps, wearables for fertility tracking, and of course, sex toys and apps! Thankfully, innovation is at the forefront of all things sex and sex toys for all genders. What will 2017 bring for high quality luxury sex toys? Here’s our ... Read More »

Top 10 Best Sex Toys During Pregnancy


It is safe to have sex while pregnant and use sex toys if you are having a healthy pregnancy. Always consult your practitioner if you have any questions. If you are pregnant, you might have NO interest in sex, or it might be ALL you think about! Your feelings about sex and pleasure could change depending on your trimester as ... Read More »

The Naughty List: 12 Days of Sexmas Toys


  With Christmas just around the corner, it’s only fitting that you start making your shopping list. Make sure that the kids get their toys…and that you get yours! Toys aren’t just for kids. High-end sex toys are an excellent gift to give to yourself or your partner. Due to its personal nature, many people prefer purchasing sex toys online ... Read More »

12 Best Sex Toys for Couples


The 12 Best Sex Toys for Couples are toys and products they add fun to your sex life, and they let you explore what feels good and experiment with new types of sensation. There’s a lot of sex toy myths out there. Many people feel that they will be replaced if they introduce sex toys into the bedroom. They also feel ... Read More »

The Ultimate Guide to Vaginismus-Definition, Causes and Treatment

The Ultimate Guide to Vaginismus

Most people with vulvas will experience painful sex (dyspareunia) and wonder why sex hurts at some point. For many, this is a one-time or occasional experience. Maybe you didn’t spend enough time warming up with foreplay? Perhaps you tried a new position that really didn’t work, or something similar. However, for some people, painful sex is a regular occurrence and has a ... Read More »

Top 5 Best Cock Rings for Men

Top 5 Best Penis Cock Rings

Top 5 Best Penis Rings Penis rings, male vibrators and cock rings – all these sex toys for men are becoming mainstream fast! Men can use toys too, right? Some of the best male sex toys are penis rings that constrict blood flow to the penis for longer and harder erections. Using penis rings — whether they vibrate or not — gives you different sensations of pleasure. Many men use these toys whether they ... Read More »

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