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12 Myths about Sex

I know that I wrote about Common Sexual Myths before, but here are 12 Common Myths about Sex.

12 Myths about Sex

Here’s are my take on 12 common sex myths:
  1. Penis size determines a woman’s pleasure – Only 21% think length is important, while 32% think girth is important. (Only 1% think that size is VERY important.) I wonder how gay men would answer that question?
  2. Masturbation stops when a relationship starts – Anyone who is married knows that this is wrong! 85% of men still masturbate and 45% of women masturbate while in a relationship.
  3. Homosexuality is a pathological condition – NOT! You are born that way. If you like the dabble and experiment with both male and female, that means that you are bi-sexual. Either way, it’s fine!
  4. Picking a partner is based on sexual performance – For women, financial prospects and ambition are most important. For men, youth is what’s most important.
  5. Men are always ready for sex – Believe it or not, there are some men out there who don’t feel like having sex, are too tired, need more intimacy, need more erotic context, and may not wish to be unfaithful.
  6. Duration of the sexual act is at least 30 minutes – No way! Who has time these days? 6-10 minites is the usual time from the moment of penetration to ejaculation.
  7. Sex is a daily activity  for most couples – Most couples have sex 1-2 times per week. Over 10% only have sex a few times per year!
  8. Men must always bring women to orgasm – Who do you know who abides by that rule? Although women love their orgasms, they really just want to feel connected to someone. Plus, it can also be a woman’s responsibility make sure she receives pleasure. That’s what luxury sex toys are for!
  9. The birth of a child benefits a couple’s sex life – If you are a parent, you know this is not true! Between sleepless nights, homework and laundry, parents are pooped! Unfortunately, their sex life suffers.
  10. Pornography is bad for a relationship – If one person in the relationship is obsessed with porn, then it’s a problem. Some couples actually enjoy watching porn together.
  11. Sex doesn’t exist after 60 – There is no age limit in enjoying sex. Although sexual activity is reduced with age, sexual satisfaction remains high!
  12. Sexual problems are frequent only among men – More women than you think experience sexual pain disorder or vaginal dryness or low libido . Sexual issues can stem from: medical issues, medication, hormonal imbalance, problems in the relationship, performance anxiety, depression and negative body image. Read more about the Top 3 Libido Killers. If you have a low libido, it’s ok–many people do. Try the all natural ON Natural Libido Female Simulant or ON for Him  Male Stimulant.

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