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5 Top Best Sex Toys For Long Distance Relationships


Being in a long distance relationship is tough…but doable and is more commonplace. According to The Center for the Study of Long Distance Relationships, the number of people in long distance relationships increased due to factors like meeting partners online, traveling more for work, etc. Surprisingly, there isn’t a big difference between the rates of breakups between local relationships and long distance relationships.


While a long-distance relationship can be complicated and harder to manage, this type of relationship also offers opportunities to connect with a partner in creative ways! Thankfully, with apps like Snapchat, Facetime, Skype, and/or the traditional phone, many people are putting in the effort to have engaged sexual relationships and intimacy across geographical barriers.

These are the toys that you can control from a distance using apps or the internet. Many might think toys in the teledildonic category are only designed for people with vulvas. However, there is an emerging market specifically focused on how to include stimulation for people with penises in these long-distance play sessions!

Sex toys are a great way to feel intimate with your partner without being in the same room or location. Sex toys for long distance relationships help the relationship maintain passion and help keep it fun and interesting when you are not together. Sex toys add nuance, intrigue, and fun into how people connect from afar. There are sexual wellness products that expand how you can participate in your partner’s pleasure using technology. These sex toys are called teledildonics.

Teledildonics allows couples to connect in a more intimate way there ever before. They can be controlled through a smartphone app from miles away. You and your partner might be physically apart, but these products bring you closer together.

Use these long distance relationship and app-connected sex toys to tide you over until you are able to be together again.

Best Sex Toys for Long Distance Relationships

OhMiBod Fuse Vibrator





(Free discreet shipping)

OhMiBod Fuse Bluetooth Enabled Vibrator is the first interactive dual stimulation vibe that takes the excitement of control to a new level. The Fuse luxury vibrator is Bluetooth- enabled with two-way communication. You and your partner can now share your pleasure from any distance. The built-in sensor technology allows for bi-directional control of connected devices. Either of you will be able to drive the action. The LED light illuminates to provide you with visual feedback.

The Fuse connects to all Kiiroo powered adult sex toys.  The built-in touch sensitive technology in the tickler allows you to control your partner’s device at the touch or tap of your finger.

If dual stimulation (stimulating the clitoris and G-spot at the same time) is NOT your thing, then you could try the OhMiBod Esca. This is a luxury wearable sex toy that can also connect to your Kiioo sex toys.



Kiiroo Onyx 2 and Pearl 2 Couples Kit





(Free discreet shipping)

The Kiiroo couples sex toy set takes teledildonics to a new level. The Kiiroo Onyx 2 male masturbator and Pearl 2 vibrator long-distance sex toys are synced and connected via the free Feel Connect app. With Bluetooth, they can interact with each other with touch and movement.

The Pearl 2 uses capacitive touch to transfer movement from the vibrator to the masturbation sleeve. When the Pearl 2 is inserted into the vagina, the touch sensors in the Onyx 2 masturbation sleeve mimic intercourse in real-time. With a swipe of the touchpad on the Onyx 2, you can also control the vibrations of the Pearl 2 G-spot vibrator.


Kiiroo Titan Vibrating Stoker and Masturbator





(Free discreet shipping)

Kiiroo Titan masturbator for men is a handheld vibrating stroker and sleeve with touch-sensitive vibration technology. Its realistic feeling sleeve has 9 bullet vibrators for maximum stimulation. These bullet vibrators intensify your stimulation, boost your stamina, and maximize your endurance in the bedroom.

This interactive luxury male masturbator is fully teledildonic. You can connect the Titan to interactive videos on a range of different content platforms. You will then feel every movement made by your favorite stars, whether it is in 2D or VR.

You can also connect to your partner’s toy from anywhere in the world and feel every movement they make through the vibrations on your device. Share your pleasure with your partner using the touch-sensitive pads and control the speed and intensity of the vibrations or stokes on your partner’s device.


We-Vibe Sync Couples Vibrator





(Free discreet shipping)

We-Vibe® has also been committed to making the majority of their line app compatible with sharable controls. The We-Vibe line and app are definitely expanding the ways people share an intimate connection over a distance! By including toys for butts, people with penises, as well as internal and external vibrator designs, We-Vibe has a diverse and broad range of toys to explore. The new app is compatible with most smartphones and allows the consumer to share control of the intensity and vibration pattern with a partner located anywhere the world. It also includes chat and live video functions to stimulate the most important sexual organ, the brain.

Learn 11 ways to use your We-Vibe Couples Sex Toy

We-Vibe Sync is a couples vibrator that’s adjustable for a custom and comfortable fit. The Sync is worn by her during sex for extra stimulation to the clitoris and/or the G-spot. The penis also feels the vibration of the toy and presses the toy against the G-spot for extra pleasure.

This luxury couples vibrator and sex toy has a remote control so you or your partner can operate it while you are in the same room. When not together and in a long distance relationship, you can use the smartphone app to share control of the intensity and vibration pattern with your partner located anywhere the world. It also includes chat and live video functions to stimulate the most important sexual organ — the brain.


We-Vibe Jive Vibrator





(Free discreet shipping)

Experience the ultimate in discreet pleasure with Jive by We-Vibe, a Bluetooth controlled wearable vibrator. Although this luxury vibrator looks similar to the We-Vibe Sync, it is a very different luxury vibrator. With the free We-Connect app, enjoy hands-free G-spot stimulation and powerful rumbly vibrations during solo play or play with your partner. No matter where your partner is located, they can control the Jive with 10+ preset modes or you can create your own custom vibes.

Uniquely contoured, Jive is designed to be comfortable even for extended wear. The retrieval stem is flexible and bends to form to the outside of your body for the ultimate in discreet pleasure.

See other app controlled We-Vibe sex toys.

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