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5 Top Reasons Cheap Sex Toys Are A Waste Of Money And Time

Does this look like a cheap bullet sex toy?

Ugh! We’ve all been there and have owned one of those cheap sex toys that we either bought on a whim, bought when drunk or was given to us as a gag gift. And what has happened to those inexpensive sex toys? They have either ended up in the trash or are in the back of your underwear drawer. Why? Here are the Top 5 Reasons Cheap Sex Toys Are A Waste of Money and Time:

1. Poor Quality – Have you ever experienced a toy that breaks while in use or doesn’t work straight out of the plastic (let’s face it: a cheap adult toy does not come in a box)? If you are lucky enough to get it working, these toys can also have a hard time holding their charge or overheating.

2. Noise – What? What did you say? I can’t hear you over that VERY loud cheap vibrator. Are you really serious when you say that there isn’t a freight train running through your bedroom? It sure sounds like it!

3. Material – Have you ever experienced an allergic reaction to an adult toy? Have you ever witnessed the material melting or changing color? That can happen with cheap toys thanks to all of the chemicals and fillers that are used to make them so inexpensive. This is in addition to the fact that certain cheaper plastics are very hard and don’t feel very pleasurable.

4. Design – We know of one customer who ordered a toy online and when she opened up the box, she was so disgusted, she threw it out! Yes, it could have been buyer’s remorse, but it was more about the fact that it looked ok online, but it person, it looked gross and disgusting. Also, cheap toys are are uncomfortable to hold and are not ergonomic at all. How much thought and design goes into these products?

5. Outdated Technology – Yes. Yes! Yess!! Yeeesss!!! NOOOOOO!! The batteries just died. It’s equivalent to letting air out of a ballon. We hate when that happens. Would you ever use a battery in your cell phone? Why use batteries when you can recharge your toy? Also, now that it’s 2013, would you ever get up from the couch to change the channel? (Unless you can’t find the remote!) Do any cheap sex toys come with a wireless remote control? We don’t think so!

Although Pulp Fiction and the Matrix are cult hits and still popular today, that doesn’t mean that special effects and cinematography hasn’t advanced. The same is true in the world of sex toys — they have gotten better and have advanced to luxury sex toys because they are of higher quality.

So, stop buying cheap sex toys. This should not a “bargain shop” purchase … It’s a purchase deserving of the best quality and a few extra dollars. Quality comes at a price, and you will see right away that you pay for what you get.

What’s your experience with cheap toys?

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