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Starting a new business is hard. It’s even harder when you are trying to do something in what is considered the Adult space.

My Secret Luxury sells luxury romance products. Romance is not dirty and neither is sex. (Although technically, it can be.) Everyone enjoys romance and wants to be romanced. On the same note, everyone has SEX. Gay or straight, everyone is doing it unless you are a priest and even they are doing it (with young boys!)

Why does it matter what we sell? As long as it’s done legally, what’s the problem? A clean, discrete and sophisticated environment can only add to the experience.

We’ve been turned down by many vendors who don’t want to work with companies like My Secret Luxury. It’s so frustrating. Everyone just wants to feed their children, have a roof over their head and have a car to drive. Why should anything be different when dealing with sex?

Why is everyone so repressed?

Hopefully, Fifty Shades of Grey will break some barriers. It already has by having the national media fawn all over it. Now it just needs to drill down to the public and business sector. It still has a ways to go….

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