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How Have Vibrators Changed?

Cleopatra’s Vibrator

As mentioned in a previous post, the birth of sex toys occurred many many years ago. It took a little longer for vibrators to come on the scene because they had to figure out how to get the buzz on.

How Have Vibrators Changed?

Supposedly, in 45 BC Cleopatra is rumored to be the first woman to use a vibrator by hollowing out a gourd and filling it with bees. I hope she didn’t get stung down there. Ouch!

Many years later, in 1880, George Taylor got tired of using his hands. So, he invented a large steam-powered massage apparatus.

Shortly thereafter in 1902, Hamilton Beach invented the electrical vibrator, which was the fifth domestic appliance to be electrified. It was so popular that Sears Roebuck couldn’t keep it in stock!

Fast forward to 1968 when Jon Tavel patents the first Cordless Vibrator for Use on the Human Body, which required two batteries and featured a rotating cap for adjusting speeds. This classic vibrator design is still manufactured today.

In 1998, the Rabbit Vibrator became a celebrity thanks to Sex and the City. Today there are multiple versions of the Rabbit Habit.

Not only has the technology of vibrators changed over the years from steam powered vibrators to rechargeable vibrators, the reason why we use vibrators has also changed. Vibrators used to be just for women, but now male vibrators and couples vibrators exist. People are also more open to discussing sex and sex toys. Oh, how times have changed!

Jimmyjane - Vibrators, Then vs. Now

Vibrators have also evolved from poorly made cheap vibrators to high quality luxury vibrators. However, most people don’t know that better vibrators and high quality adult toys exist. As you know, we are no longer in the Stone Age or even  1998. It’s the 21st Century. How old is your vibrator or sex toy?

What are you waiting for? Buy a luxury sex toy today!

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