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How To Choose A Personal Lubricant

Which personal lubricant is right for you?

The other day, I told you how dangerous it can be if you buy any lube. Now let’s dive into how do you choose a personal lubricant.

Sexual lubricants are made with three different types of bases: Water, Silicone or Oil.

What’s the difference? Keep reading!

Water Based Lubricants – A good versatile lube. Works in every situation but doesn’t stay wet for very long (unless you add water). It can also be a little tacky. It also has the most variety. (More on that in a bit.)

  • The first ingredient is water or aloe
  • Feels cool on the skin and may get sticky after a while
  • Slippery but it also tends to dry up – can be reactivated by adding water or saliva
  • Most common type used with vaginal intercourse, anal intercourse, oral sex, and masturbation
  • Offers the most variety: flavors, warming, and stimulating
  • Washes from the body quickly
  • Does not stain (unless color is added)
  • Compatible with all toys
  • Compatible with latex condoms
  • A small amount of silicone can be added (which produces a white or creamy lubricant) – feels slippery not sticky yet is still thin, while leaving the skin silky smooth when dry

Silicone Based Lubricants – Excellent for sex and water play because it stays very slippery for a long time. However, do not sue with silicone sex toys!

  • Always slippery but never feels sticky or tacky
  • A little goes a long way & creates long lasting glide (and lasts longer than water based lubricants)
  • Doesn’t dry out and excellent for water play
  • Compatible with latex, rubber, glass & plastic
  • Do not use with silicone sex toys (it breaks down the silicone of the toy and may start to smell)
  • Can be used with vaginal intercourse, anal intercourse, and masturbation
  • Can be used for body massage
  • High quality lubricants (with only 2-3 ingredients) are inert and won’t change a woman’s pH level, i.e. no threat of yeast infections.
  • May leave oily residue on sheets but it washes away with soap & water

Oil Based Lubricants – Many people don’t like oil-based lubricants because they think that this means petroleum jelly (it does not!) and you can’t use this type of personal lubricant with latex condoms (true!). Oil based lube does not mean petroleum jelly. Oil based lubricants referred to here are made with the best ingredients.

  • Good as a daily moisturizer
  • Slick & doesn’t dry out easily – only need a small amount
  • Can be used with masturbation or vaginal intercourse
  • Limited risk of irritation or yeast infections if they are made with all natural ingredients; however, if not washed off after use, it may clog pores and leave unwanted residue that can harbor bacteria and yeast
  • Safe for all types of sex toys
  • Never use with rubber or latex
  • Stains and can be difficult to wash off
  • Not recommended for anal play because bacteria thrives in oil

Now what? Once you have chosen your base, now you need to decide what variety you want:

  • Flavored – Designed to enhance oral sex
  • Glycerin-free – Glycerin mimics sugar, which causes yeast infections or irritation
  • Paraben-free – Parabens are a common preservative but can be irritable to some women
  • Stimulating – Designed to increase sensation for both partners; contains active ingredients like menthol or pepper that increases blood flood and awakens nerve endings
  • Carrageenan – A seaweed that adds extra slipperiness as well as heals & repairs vaginal tissue, sooths & relieves vaginal dryness and adds more moisture
  • Anal – Thicker lubricant that stays on the skin longer providing a more comfortable feeling by reducing friction & sensation
  • Women’s – Thinner lubricant where you feel more sensation without friction; perfect as a “kick starter” until her own moisture takes over

Personal lubricants are essential. Whether you are alone or with a partner, they are needed to help you get closer, connect and stay longer. Plus, if you choose a flavored or stimulating variety, it will change things up a bit in the bedroom!

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