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How To Clean And Store Sex Toys

Devine Toys Devine Playchest

I often talk about the different types of sex toys or why one should use luxury sex toys. A very important topic that no one really talks about is how to keep your sex toys clean. Keeping adult toys, especially high end sex toys, clean can help stop the spread of bacteria and prolong the life of your sex toy(s). Not only is it important to know how to clean your sex toys, it is also important to store sex toys the right way.

Cleaning Sex Toys

Clean your luxury sex toys before and after each use to ensure that they are free from bacteria build up.

Sex toy cleaner is recommended to clean your sex toys. You could use soap and water, but soap can leave an unseen residue on the sex toy. You could also boil your non-vibrating toys, but either use a collender or pour boiling water on top of the toy for no more than five minutes.

  • If your toy has batteries, it is wise to always take the batteries out before cleaning. (If your sex toy uses batteries and is not splash proof, be careful around the area where the batteries are stored.)
  • Then, simply spray your sex toy cleaner all over your toy, making sure all areas are covered.
  • Leave the cleaner on the toy for around 30 seconds and then rinse under warm water.
  • Either air dry or dry with a clean cloth. (Make sure the toy is full dry before reinserting the batteries.)


If you treat your possessions well, they are more likely to last longer. Follow these few simple rules to keep your sex toys in the best condition.

  • Never store your sex toys together. Sex toy materials, especially the less expensive materials, can react badly towards each other. So, it is best to keep it safe and not let any of your toys touch one another.
  • Most luxury sex toys come with their own storage bag. However, if yours does not, you can store them in socks or in something specifically designed for sex toy storage such as the Sneaky Sack or Devine Toys Devine Playchest.

If you keep your sex toys clean and store them properly, you will get many moments of pleasure out of them. After all, isn’t that the goal in the end anyway?

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