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Is Your Sex Life Normal?

Is your sex life normal?

Everyone is curious how often people around them are having sex and what other people are doing in the bedroom. What is normal? Good news: there is no normal!

Here are some signs that your sex life is absolutely normal:

You Rarely Have Sex

No matter how much you have sex, as long as it works for both you and your partner, who cares?

You Don’t Orgasm

There’s no doubt that orgasms are great. But realistically, not everyone can have an orgasm every time. Sometimes, being close to your partner is much more important or just as satisfying.

You Watch Porn Together

There’s nothing wrong with porn especially if you watch it together to get into the mood.

You Have an Open Relationship

Do you like to swing? Do you like to have a third person join you in the bedroom? As long as both people in the relationship agree, then go for it!

Fantasizing Turns You On

Fantasies can be very exciting. If you need to fantasize about something or someone to get turned on, it doesn’t mean that you would actually want these things to actually happen.

You Are Into Kinky Sex

Do you like to be submissive or do you like to be in control  in the bedroom? Sometimes, when you are in charge all day, you want someone to make all the decisions in the bedroom. Or, you prefer to always be in control. Either way, it’s fine!

You Love Dirty Talk

Do you like to talk dirty? If so, you are not alone. We all express love and lust in different ways, right? So, don’t stop talking!

You Use Sex Toys

Hopefully, they are luxury sex toys! Everyone deserves pleasure no matter how they get it.

Whether or not you relate to any of these signs, don’t worry. As long as both partners agree on things, you are having fun and everyone is safe, your sex life is normal!

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