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It’s Earth Day – Have a Greener Sex Life!

You can have a greener sex life!

Not too long ago, I wrote about eco sex. Since it’s the 43rd Annual Earth Day, I thought I would go over a few more ways to have a greener sex life:

Use Birth Control

Babies use a lot of diapers! In all seriousness, besides the impact on the Earth each person has, each child needs love, support and a good family. If you are not willing or can’t give a baby that, it’s ok…just use birth control!

Use Eco-friendly Condoms and Personal Lubricant

The greenest form of birth control is an IUD. However, if you prefer condoms, then try vegan condoms, like Sir Richards Condoms. These latex condoms are free of parabens and gylcerin and latex is biodegradable.

All natural or organic lubricant is the best and the ONLY way to go. Everything else has too many chemicals. A woman’s body produces a natural lubricant. Shouldn’t you use something as close as possible to the real thing? My favorite brand is Sliquid Organics.

Use Body Safe Luxury Sex Toys

The majority of sex toys are toxic and contain phthalates. That’s why most sex toys are so cheap! According to the government, phthalates are harmful to babies. Meanwhile, they don’t say anything about how they are harmful to our genitals. Why would you want something harmful anywhere near or inside your body? Therefore, use luxury sex toys, which do not contain toxic chemicals!

A greener sex life does not have to be boring. It’s can be fun and healthy at the same time! In my book, Earth Day should be everyday.

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