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Never Had An Orgasm? The Afterglow Will Help!


Unfortunately, so many women have never had an orgasm. That could be due to one or more reasons:

  • They have experienced sexual trauma
  • They don’t deserve pleasure
  • Their partner doesn’t value their pleasure

It’s time that women take control of their own pleasure and achieve that orgasm that they deserve!

Dr. Ralph Zimmer, a Flordia urogynecologist, who treats overactive bladder disease, stumbled upon away to help women finally achieve that elusive orgasm. He made an incredible discovery while using his laser treatment procedure, Photobiomodulation, to treat infections and reduce pain for overactive bladders.


Dr. Zimmer believed that laser stimulates blood flow and relaxes muscles in patients during treatment. Based on his patients’s reports, Dr. Zimmer realized he and his team had accidentally discovered “laser Viagra.” His patients were reporting amazing explosive orgasms!

Viagra amplifies the amount of blood-flow increasing chemical called cGMP by blocking the body from breaking it down. Pulsed infrared light increases the body’s level of the same chemical by sending it’s production into overdrive right where you need it.

All vibrators can help a woman have an orgasm. However, if the body is not biologically (and emotionally) receptive to having an orgasm, it won’t happen. The Afterglow vibrator is the first laser-equipped sex toy that guides a woman through the 4 stages of the sexual response cycle to achieve an orgasm.

The Afterglow doesn’t actually contain lasers, but uses internal near-infrared and visible blue and red light diodes, which are lesser versions of the deep penetrating lasers, to induce an orgasm.

It does this with the PulseWave O mode. It is an pre-programmed 8-minute setting where the luxury vibrator cycles through 4 unique 2-minute long vibration patterns while pulsing the cGMP-inducing near-infrared light.


Patience is key. As time goes on, blood flow, sensitivity & pleasure build exponentially. For women, who have never had an orgasm, they will think it’s worth the wait!

“I . . .  ordered [the Afterglow] for my wife. . . . She is 40 years old and had never had an orgasm. . . . We tried vaginal, oral, & anal sex but nothing worked. The first night the afterglow came in the mail my wife & I had 2 glasses of wine then I relaxed her with message & took out the afterglow. It was amazing. She did not know what to do with herself. After about 15 min she had an explosive orgasm & followed that with one more about 8 min later. Since then, we use it together on her once a week . . . & now she orgasms in about 5 minutes & usually has 3 or 4 in less than 30 minutes. . . . It is the best money I ever spent & both of us look forward to it each weekend.”

Afterglow features a super quiet motor and lights off mode, so no one has to know what you are up to. The user interface has large silicone buttons that are easy to feel and identify, even in the dark or with your eyes closed.


Afterglow has lots of options to experiment with. It has 15 different vibration modes and 85 unique wave combinations.

Travel is easy with Afterglow’s travel lock (press the “+” and “-” at the same time for 3 seconds). Plus, it is powered by lithium-ion battery that can be charged via a USB port.

For women who have trouble experiencing or never had an orgasm, Afterglow can be very helpful. It guides your body through the sexual response cycle that is needed to climax.

Your orgasm will thank you!

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