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Non-verbal Ways to Show Your Love


We all know that actions really do speak louder than words. It’s always great to hear “I love you,” but sometimes you need more. So instead of telling your partner that you love them, show it!

Here’s some non-verbal ways to show your love:

Physical contact

No – I am not talking about sex here. Sex does not necessarily mean love. However, a sweet kiss or a meaningful hug can go a long way. Physical contact shows your partner that you enjoy being close to them and you want more closeness. We are humans and we are made to be touched. Frequent physical contact also shows that you’re checking in to see how they’re doing, translating to them that you care about them.

And for those of you who care about the technical side of things, the effects of touch travels faster to your brain than words do. Words have to be processed first through the speech centers, while touch is directly felt through your skin’s many many nerve endings.


Don’t just say you are listening with a few “uh huhs,” but actually listen and give your partner your full attention! Stop what you are doing and listen! Actively listen by restating or paraphrasing what you heard. Or, let the other person speak to you without judgement or criticism and with an open mind.

Be Proactive

How does it feel when someone does something nice for your without you even asking? Amazing!! Do the dishes without being asked. Offer to get a drink when you get up from the couch. Buy flowers for no reason. Write a love note just because. Buy your partner a luxury sex toy. Going out of your way to help your partner or make them feel special every once in a while will be extremely appreciated.

When the other person discovers what you did, don’t say anything — just smile. If you have to say something, keep it simple and say “You’re welcome.” Don’t make a big deal about it – let the action speak for itself and how much you care.

Make Eye Contact and Smile

When you can, meet the other person’s eyes. Don’t stare, but do allow yourself to be caught looking at them every so often. When you’ve been detected, smile a little bit and hold their gaze for another second before looking away. Smile at your lover whenever you can and get caught!

Showing Patience

Sometimes it seems like we never have patience for those we love. Showing your patience for your partner is proving that you love them and they are worth the extra time. Patience will change their mood and make them feel less anxious around you.

There are many ways to say “I love you” without saying those 3 words. Try the non-verbal ways to show your love and see what a difference it makes!

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