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Olympic Turn Ons

Gorgeous body here. Gorgeous body there. If I were in London, I would not know which way to turn when all these beautiful athletes are walking around. Try as you might, there’s no way one could attain a body of an elite Olympic athlete without many years of training and dedication. However, for fun, you could see what kind of Olympic body you actually do have with BBC’s Olympic Athlete Body Match.

So, let’s get back to talking about all of those hot bodies walking around London and what it does to us. We love admiring their bodies, and we wish we could have that perfect bikini body or those perfect 6-pack abs. One can dream, right?  Being around (and even watching) so many stunning bodies peaks our sexual interest, according to Patrick Markey, an associate professor of psychology at Villanova University in Pennsylvania. That increase in sexual interest leads to more sex, whether it be between Olympians or the people who watch them on TV.

So get busy everyone! Enjoy the Olympics, the athletes and great sex!

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