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Orgasm Secrets

Orgasm Secrets

The human body is amazing. The brain processes information in lightning speed, the skin automatically repairs itself  after a cut, and men and women experience mind blowing orgasms. No one is sure why we have orgasms. It’s a by-product of evolution.

What’s incredible about orgasms are that they are fun, free, healthy for you, and you can never have too many! (Except the few people who orgasm every few minutes just by walking.)

Orgasm Secrets

Before considering if you want to have sex with your partner or feel like masturbating, here are 3 orgasm secrets:

Orgasms are great for the immune system. Have a headache or feel a cold coming on? Have sex and orgasm. You will feel better! Some doctors even believe that if you have an orgasm 2-3 times per week it cuts the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke to half.

Orgasms are also excellent for anti-aging. They release testosterone and estrogen keeping you young and vital.

Orgasms are also excellent stress relievers! As I like to say, orgasms “help get the poison out.”

The Difference Between Men and Women

Men’s and women’s orgasms are different. Duh-everyone knows that. But why? Everyone knows that men can orgasm in no time at all. On the other hand, women’s orgasms last longer and take longer to achieve. Their orgasms are very dependent on their physical and emotional environment. So, for a woman, an orgasm is dependent on the day — what’s happening in her body, what’s going on in her relationship, and how she feels about herself. Basically, one must be patient with a woman and her orgasm because there are many variables.

Trouble in Paradise

Unfortunately, many women have trouble having an orgasm or have never had one. 86% of women orgasm through clitoral stimulation. Stimulating the clitoris requires more time and attention. This is especially true with regards to oral sex. Whether she uses her hand or a luxury sex toy, it doesn’t matter. The goal should be pleasure.

And, we all know that practice makes perfect!

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