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Female-Friendly Sex Apps


I love technology. It has made our lives better and easier. Not too long ago, I told you about sexy apps that anyone can use and enjoy. Whether they are silly or ridiculous, they are either a good conversation starter or worth a laugh. I saw this the other day while reading Blisstree. Here are 6 Female Friendly Sex Apps that are actually ... Read More »

Why You Deserve High End Luxury Sex Toys


Why do you deserve high end luxury sex toys? The answer is simple…WHY NOT? Invest in your sex life and your pleasure the same way as you would invest in your health, beauty regime or your 401K. Did you also know that most women can not orgasm without clitoral stimulation? So, unless she is willing to use her hand, then ... Read More »

Orgasm Secrets


The human body is amazing. The brain processes information in lightning speed, the skin automatically repairs itself  after a cut, and men and women experience mind blowing orgasms. No one is sure why we have orgasms. It’s a by-product of evolution. What’s incredible about orgasms are that they are fun, free, healthy for you, and you can never have too many! ... Read More »

12 Myths about Sex


I know that I wrote about Common Sexual Myths before, but here are 12 Common Myths about Sex.   Here’s are my take on 12 common sex myths: Penis size determines a woman’s pleasure – Only 21% think length is important, while 32% think girth is important. (Only 1% think that size is VERY important.) I wonder how gay men would answer ... Read More »

Why Every Relationship Needs Adult Toys


Do you think you have a good sex life? If so, then why would your relationship need sex toys? Adult toys help you spice up your relationship and have a more fun and varied sex life. Sex toys can help you and your partner express yourself sexually. More Sex Want more sex? Want more enjoyable sex? Adult toys help couples have ... Read More »

Top 3 Libido Killers


Have you lost that loving feeling? It’s ok – you are not alone. Many people – both men and women – have experienced a loss of libido at some point in their lives. Here are three of the most common reasons why you might have a loss of libido: Hormones – For women, when her hormones change because of pregnancy, ... Read More »

The How, When and Why Women Masturbate


Thank you Jimmyjane for making this awesome infographic about female masturbation!   Just to review: 86% of women who masturbate reach orgasm by stimulating the clitoris. 74% of women use fingers or objects into the vagina to achieve orgasm. Of those women, 84% mainly use their fingers and 53% have used a vibrator. 10% of women masturbate every day while ... Read More »

What is Eco Sex?


Many people try to be more environmentally aware or environmentally friendly. They look for products that are eco-friendly whether they are sustainable or are made with organic materials. Why shouldn’t sex be eco-friendly? Eco sex is a new movement that only uses eco-friendly sex toys and sex accessories. Here are five sex tips to spice up the bedroom without hurting ... Read More »

Why Every Man Needs a Male Sex Toy


Not only does every woman need to experience pleasure with an adult toy but every man needs a male sex toy too. If you are a woman, it’s acceptable to use a vibrator because that’s the best way for a woman to orgasm. However, for men, there is a stigma with purchasing male sex toys. Why? Many men feel that ... Read More »

How to Choose a Strap-on Harness


We get a lot of questions about strap-on harnesses, especially how to choose a strap-on harness. If you have all of the right information and then make a few key decisions, it’s easy! First of all, it’s best to get a separate harness and dildo. Separate harnesses and dildos are of higher quality and gives you more options. Style A G-string ... Read More »

9 Sexy Apps Worth Downloading


I was searching for our latest mention in iVillage, Get Busy Ladies! Our Top 16 Sex Toys (where we are the first mention!), when I stumbled across these apps worth downloading. Here’s the rundown: Dirty Truth or Dare – Do you dare?? $2.99 at iTunes A Sexulator – A sex calculator and calendar in one. Keep track of all of your sexual ... Read More »

She Comes First


What is the number one thing when it comes to sex that most men forget? She should come first! Most men don’t realize that the easiest way to improve your sex life is to make her come first. Whether it’s through touching her body, stimulating the clitoris or G-spot or cunnilingus, every guy should realize that the pleasing the woman ... Read More »

Why Is Your Brain the Most Important Sexual Organ?


Last week, I was honored to speak to Dr. Daniel Amen, a reknown doctor and expert in brain imaging. Even he agreed that the most important sexual organ is the brain. For women, desire starts in the brain. A combination of thoughts, emotions, and hormones affect sexual desire. According to Dr. Amen, optimizing your brain gives you greater pleasure, deeper ... Read More »

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