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Top 5 Best Masturbators for Men


Sex toys for men are becoming more and more popular and mainstream. (Women can’t have all the fun, right?) The hottest male sex toys are masturbators, which are different and some believe much better than their own hand. They are a great addition to anyone’s toy box. What are Masturbators for Men? Masturbators for men or masturbation sleeves include adult sex toys ... Read More »

Does Penis Size Matter?


All men obsess about their penis and prefer to have a big penis. This creates a ton of insecurity for men who have a smaller penis. According to a recent study from the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, 20% of men in the U.S. are dissatisfied with the size of their genitals. What Is The Average Penis Size? With so many unhappy men, you ... Read More »

June is Adult Sex Education Month!


  We are all intelligent adults, right? However, when it comes to sex, most of us are in the dark. The only sex education we ever got was in health class (were you paying attention??) or from pornography (because it’s soo life-like!). Not only do we sell high quality luxury non-toxic adult sex toys and accessories, we also try to educate ... Read More »

The Secrets of Female Ejaculation & Squirting

The Secrets of Female Ejaculation

Female ejaculation: is it a myth or reality? Considered by some the “unicorn of sexual experiences”, female ejaculation is real for many women. Female ejaculate is a small amount of whitish fluid that occurs during or just before you climax. Female ejaculation has been documented as far back the ancient Romans. The Kama Sutra and ancient Japanese erotic works also mention fluid coming from ... Read More »

9 Mistakes Men Make About Sex Toys

9 Mistakes Men Make About Sex Toys

When most people think of sex toys, they are either grossed out or remember the infamous Sex and the City rabbit vibrator or a pocket rocket. However, just like every else has advanced — from technology to food to the way we shop — adult products have also changed. They have not only become more mainstream, but they are also more ... Read More »

How Does It Feel To Wear A Cock Ring?

How Does It Feel To Wear A Cock Ring

See our picks for the TOP 5 BEST COCK RINGS FOR MEN here. Cock rings or penis rings have become more popular, especially since more couples are using them as an addition to their sexual play. What Are Cock Rings? A cock ring is a male sex toy that is designed to: Make an erect penis harder and bigger Maintain an ... Read More »

5 Myths of Male Chastity


  What is male chastity? Many people don’t understand it and think that it’s just for people into strange sexual play. Who would want to put their penis in some medieval contraption? But there’s a lot more to male chastity and cock cages then meets the eye . . . or the penis. It’s simply a mild form of fetishism, but ... Read More »

5 Facts About Masturbation

5 Facts About Masturbation

Photo Credit: ..:: Bezzino Craxxi © ::.. via Compfight cc May is National Masturbation Month! Despite what many people think, women do masturbate, says Amanda Chatel in Your Tango (and she knows first hand!). Believe it or not, women do it often because it’s pleasurable and makes for a better sex life. My Secret Luxury agrees with Amanda: When a woman knows how to masturbate ... Read More »

Eco-Friendly Sex Toys For Earth Day


  So many people don’t realize that adult products don’t have to scream “sex toy”. They also don’t realize that a lot of these products are toxic mainly because the $15 billion sex toy industry is not regulated. That means that there are few standards of materials, design or impact on the environment. Toxins like phthalates are in most adult toys, ... Read More »

9 Things America Gets Wrong About Sex


There was a brilliant post recently in Huffington Post, 8 Things America Gets Wrong About Sex. Americans fall far behind other countries in their attitude, education and practice of sex. According to the article, something happened around the 1700s that “. . . has grown into a sinister vine tightly wound around many of our public institutions . . . the stigma around ... Read More »

A Programmable Vibrator Loved By A Reviewer


What is it? Minna Ola Vibrator. This luxury vibrator is fun to play and experiment with. Unlike other vibrators that have set patterns, the user can program and record Ola with any vibration pattern that they like. The more you press the soft pad at the top, the stronger the vibration. The less you press, the lighter vibration. Ola is rechargeable, waterproof ... Read More »

7 Amazing Facts About the Clitoris


The clitoris is very misunderstood. You can thank the lack of sexual education that none of us had. We have learned so much being in the adult toy business. Unfortunately, most people are not as lucky as us. Not only are they not aware of all the great high quality body-safe adult toys and accessories out there, they also don’t understand the female ... Read More »

This Is How Women Masturbate


How Do Women Masturbate? This is an excellent infographic on how women masturbate and women’s masturbation reasons and habits. Anyone who still believes the “women don’t masturbate” myth needs to read this. surveyed 2000 readers (98% women with the average age of 21). They found that 95% (yes, you read that correctly) masturbate and about 50% do it a ... Read More »

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