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The Naughty List: 12 Days of Sexmas Toys


With Christmas just around the corner, it’s only fitting that you start making your shopping list. Make sure that the kids get their toys…and that you get yours! Toys aren’t just for kids. High-end sex toys are an excellent gift to give to yourself or your partner. Due to its personal nature, many people prefer purchasing sex toys online as opposed to buying them from a brick and mortar establishment.

To help you out this holiday season, here’s a list of 12 high-quality sex toys online that you should keep your eye out for:

1. We-Vibe Touch

Price: $99.99


Elegant in design and easy to use, the We-Vibe Touch Vibrator is a luxury sex toy that everyone should be using this Christmas season. TheWe-Vibe Touch Vibrator is a good choice for anyone seeking intense external pleasure. An added bonus for those who value discreetness, the We-Vibe Touch Vibrator utilizes silent motors that allow for intimate play at any time of the day. If this luxury vibrator hasn’t excited you enough already, it has eight vibration patterns that will rock your world. You can set it from a low buzz and slowly bump it up in intensity until your mind goes numb from pleasure. This product is also rechargeable and is 100% waterproof. TheWe-Vibe Touch Vibrator is the perfect traveling companion for the most sophisticated. Check out the We-Vibe Touch Vibrator. It’s definitely worth it.

2. Aneros Helix Syn

Price: $69.95


This uniquely shaped male sex toy is the Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager. It might look complicated to use, but you’ll find that if you have a prostate and you enjoy a prostate massage OR want the BEST orgasm of your life, then this toy is just for you! The Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager has a thick layer of the finest silicone over a rigid frame for comfort and maximum pleasure. It’s solid inner frame still has the rigidity that is necessary for a pleasurable prostate massage. A redesigned tapered tip allows for easier insertion. The Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager promises stronger, harder erections and intense orgasms due to its unique shape. Don’t worry; this toy is waterproof. That means a whole lot of shower fun.

3. BlewIt Male Masturbator

Price: $79.99


This next male sex toy doesn’t hide anything. It tells you everything you need to know right in its name albeit in a rather clever fashion. It’s blue, and it’s used for masturbation. Straight and simple. The Blewit Male Masturbator is one of the newest sex toys available for purchase online. It’s easy to handle design allows you to take your pleasure into your own hands quite literally. The Blewit Male Masturbator has a rubberized coating that allows the user to create a vacuum-like seal around your erection. This spells fun for hours (if you can last that long, of course!). It’s claimed to be one of the most popular male sex toys on the market. With that kind of reputation, you’d be hard pressed not to give the Blewit Male Masturbator a try.

4. Tantus Rumble Wand Vibrator

Price: $129.99


The Tantus Rumble Wand Vibrator is also one of the newest sex toys available. The Tantus Rumble Wand Vibrator is a portable and lightweight luxury sex toy that provides only a mid-range power setting, though it’s still just as lavish as any of the other toys on this list. The Tantus Rumble Wand’s ergonomic design allows for easy control. Just focus the head of the vibrator on your clitoris or vulva for the most intense pleasure. This luxury vibrator comes packed with a ton of features: seven speeds, a silent motor, comfortable grip, a removable head to make cleaning that much easier, USB rechargeable (a huge plus due to your savings on batteries), and splash proof. With this many features in just one toy, you ought to be very happy this holiday season. 

5. Velv’Or J-Naja Penis Ring

Price: $54.99


The Velv’Or J-Naja is a comfortable and ergonomically shaped penis ring. The Velv’Or J-Naja is a non-adjustable penis ring that gives constant firm pressure on the perineum resulting in harder and longer erections, which produces stronger orgasms. This penis ring can be worn all day allowing your perineum to be constantly massaged. It’s an excellent choice for advanced users. If you enjoy better orgasms, we highly recommend that you give the Velv’Or J-Naja a try.

6. nJoy Pure Wand

Price: $110.99


The nJoy Pure Wand is an amazing G-spot or P-spot dildo. Made of 100% stainless steel, the weight of the toy helps to stimulate the G-spot or prostate. (Many people need pressure for proper stimulation.) Also, since this luxury sex toy is made of metal, you can heat the nJoy Pure Wand in a bowl of hot water or cool the Pure Wand in the freezer. With it’s discreet design and 2 ends to choose from, the nJoy Pure Wand is the perfect stocking stuffer!

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7. Fleshlight Pink Lady Masturbation Sleeve

Price: $64.95


This toy should be recognizable by most male toy connoisseurs. The Fleshlight Pink Lady Masturbation Sleeve is the premiere male sex toy on the market and rightly so. The Fleshlight allows the user to control the suction around his penis, so you can loosen it up or tighten down as much as desired (as you tighten the cap). One of its best features is its casing. Designed to look like a non-assuming flashlight with its cap on, the Fleshlight can be hidden in plain sight. No one will suspect a man of anything if he’s packing a flashlight. Just pray you don’t have a power outage and you should be fine! The Fleshlight is a great substitute for penetrative sex. Stick your erection into the opening of the sleeve, tighten or loosen the cap until you’re comfortable, and then go to town. This toy comes in three options: Pink Lady Original: the original Fleshlight, Pink Lady STU (Stamina Training Unit): provides a tighter sleeve to offer stamina training for those who want to last longer, and our personal favorite, the Pink Lady Vibro Touch, a Fleshlight that includes up to three bullet vibrators (this one will literally rock your world!). Penises all around the world enjoy the Fleshlight. It’s about time you joined in on the fun this holiday season.

8. Fun Toys G Plug

Price: $64.99


One thing that this list is woefully missing is an butt plug. The Fun Toys G Plug is the kind of gift your partner will thank you for, for a very long time. The Fun Toys G Plug comes in 2 sizes — small for beginners and large for more advanced users. This luxury anal vibrator can be used in multiple ways. It can be used for dual penetration as well as utilized for extra stimulation during oral sex. It can also be used with a remote control, the Fun Toys G Ring (sold separately). Ultimately, with its many uses, the Fun Toys G Plug is a classy high-end gift.

9. Je Joue Mio Vibrating Penis Ring

Price: 109.99


What’s a sex toy list without a penis ring or two thrown into the mix? Scratch that, make that a vibrating penis ring. Vibration always makes things better. Don’t let the sound of a penis ring turn you off. It’s not a piercing. The Je Joue Mio Vibrating Penis Ring is the Cadillac of cock rings! It fits around the base of an erect penis and can be switched to several vibration modes. The ring stretches to fit any size penis and allows you to stay erect longer and have a more intense orgasm. The Je Joue Mio Vibrating Penis Ring vibrates to allow your partner to feel pleasure as well. Your stocking won’t be quite as full without the Je Joue Mio Vibrating Penis Ring ringing your bells this Christmas.

10. We-Vibe Sync Couples Vibrator

Price: 199.99


This next choice is actually a toy for couples. The We-Vibe Sync Couples Vibrator uses a combination of external and internal simulations to create pleasure for both partners. Stay with us here; we’re going to explain how this high quality sex toy works. The We-Vibe Sync Couples Vibrator is worn by her and placed inside the vagina, while the top rests on the clitoris and vulva.  The penis is then inserted into your partner’s vagina (along with the internal arm of the vibrator). As you thrust in and out, the vibrator stimulates your partner’s G-spot while vibrating and causing pleasure for both partners simultaneously. The We-Vibe Sync Couples Vibrator is the perfect gift for couples who wish toexperience pleasure together.

11. LELO Olga Dildo

Price: Stainless Steel: $795.00

24K Gold: $3,490.00


If you’re looking to bling up your sex life, then this next toy is just for you! The LELO Olga Stainless Steel Dildo is perhaps the most blinging luxury sex toy on this list. This luxurious dildo comes in a fantastic 24K gold plate or if you’re not quite rich enough to spend thousands on a dildo,  stainless steel. You can either throw this toy in the freezer to experience a flourish of icy pleasure or let it soak in hot water to experience a wave of warm gratification. Another feature of this extravagant and super luxe dildo is its dual functionality. One end of the toy can be used to hit your G-spot to initiate intense orgasms; the other used for old school insertion. The LELO Olga Stainless Steel Dildo comes with a one year warranty and is presented within a stylish wooden gift box. A beautiful presentation for such a magnificent dildo.

12. Tenga Flip Zero Masturbation Sleeve

Price: $119.99


We’ve saved the most unique men’s sex toy for last. The Tenga Flip Zero Masturbation Sleeve is the ultimate companion for a penis needing more than your hand to orgasm. It’s fairly simple to use. Apply lube, wrap the sleeve around your penis and get to work. After inserting your penis, the sleeve creates a seal thus locking in all of the lubricants. The Tenga Flip Zero Masturbation Sleeve has built-in ridged walls that squeeze the penis from both sides causing immense amounts of pleasure while stimulating the tip of the penis at the same time. While using this sleeve, you will find that every aspect of your penis will be stimulated at the same time. That’s a fantastic recipe for the ultimate orgasm. Simply put, this toy was designed for extreme male pleasure. It’s easy to clean, it’s perfect for both solo and couples play, and can be reused up to fifty times. Gentlemen, if you don’t get anything else on this list make sure you get the Tenga Flip Zero Masturbation Sleeve. You won’t regret it!

With Christmas just around the corner, you’re going to need stocking stuffers. Hopefully, you’ve made your list and will include some of the products in our list of 12 Days of Sexmas Toys.

Have a very naughty Christmas!


Featured Image credit: Pixabay / skeeze


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