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Tips for Buying Sex Toys Online


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Let’s face it: sex toys aren’t the easiest thing to buy. Mostly because once you try it, you can’t return it (unless it is defective). However, that should not stop you from having a good experience and making an educated buying decision when buying adult toys from an online store.

So, here are some tips when buying sex toys online:

1. Besides pleasure, what specifically do you want out of your toy? There are many sex toys out there that come in all shapes and sizes and uses. So, determine what you want. Internal or external stimulation? Solo or partner play?

2. Rate your priorities. After you decide what kind of stimulation you want, then determine how much you want to spend, size, batteries vs. rechargeable, materials and whether it’s waterproof or not. Decide what matters. Just like cars and clothing, everyone likes something different, which is why there are tons of toys available. There’s no right or wrong — just figure out your top priorities and go from there.

3. Consult an “expert”. The people who work at the better sex toy stores know sex toys. They live and breath sex toys and see them everyday. Sex toy reviewers also know their sex toys, but they are also either paid for their review or given free toys for their review. So, make sure to keep that in mind. By reading what a reviewer has to say and talking to store employees, they can help you narrow your list. But keep in mind that everyone’s body is different and likes different things. What works for someone else may not work for you.

4. Read reviews by real users. Everyone likes to share their opinions even about sex toys! You’ll find user reviews on many retailers sites. Reviews are an excellent way to learn about the good and bad. Read at least 4 reviews for any toy on your short list. Although everyone is different, you’ll soon figure out which toys are made better, are easier to use or are better for a beginner or advanced user. If you know your body and keep your priorities in mind, you can benefit from what other people say…even when it comes to choosing something so personal as a sex toy.

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