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Top 5 Best Luxury Rabbit Vibrators

The Top 5 Best Luxury Vibrators

Made famous thanks to Sex And The City, the rabbit vibrator is the best known sex toy. This dual stimulation vibrator internally stimulates the G-spot, while also externally pleasuring the clitoris.

(Don’t forget that you should wait to stimulate the G-spot when you are really excited.)

Here’s our picks for the top 5 Best Luxury Rabbit Vibrators:

Je Joue Fifi
If you want the rabbit ears, but don’t want a rabbit face staring back at you, then try the Je Joue Fifi. Each ear has an independent motor along with another motor in the shaft. With a deep rumbly vibration, and the thick curved shaft for G-spot stimulation, Fifi is all you need for orgasmic bliss. Plus, it’s super soft, rechargeable and waterproof.

JimmyJane Iconic Rabbit

If you are a traditionalist, then the Iconic Rabbit is the best traditional “Rabbit Habit.” With tracked pearls, a bendable shaft, and ears to stimulate the clitoris, this rabbit sex toy hits all the right spots. Unlike other traditional looking rabbit vibrators, the Iconic is body-safe and phthalate-free and comes with a 1 year warranty.

Leaf Vitality

Is it a flower or a rabbit vibrator? The discreet Leaf Vitality discreet rabbit sex toy and dual stimulation vibrator is the perfect first vibrator. It is one of the most very eco-friendly vibrators thanks to its recycled packaging. Each naturally curved end contains powerful, independently controlled vibrations. Plus, the base of the curved ends are flexible making it easy to put it in any spot you like. Vitality is intuitive and simple to use. (Leaf Vitality Plus is coming November 2013 with more power, speeds and vibration patterns.)

LELO Ina 2

Ina 2 is the bestselling rabbit vibrator. Why? It is very powerful, comfortable, and easy to use. Although Ina 2 has a flexible clitoral stimulator,  it’s vibrations are less powerful than the vibrations targeting the G-spot. The internal part hits the G-spot perfectly. It’s a very quiet and soft rabbit sex toy. Ina’s vibrations can move back and forth between the internal part and external part of the toy.

LELO Soraya

No other rabbit vibrator is as gorgeous as the LELO Soraya. Elegant and sophisticated, the handle makes a great grip and the controls are in the right spot making it easy to use. The shape of the Soraya accommodates a range of bodies.  The internal part of Soraya is perfect for those who like deep penetration. Just like the Ina 2, vibration can rotate between the internal part and the clitoral part of the toy.

You no longer need to be intimidated by cheap rabbit vibrators and sex toys. So, buy a luxury rabbit vibrator today!

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