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Top 5 Sexy Holiday Gifts for Women

Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Women
Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Women

It’s that time of year again. If you are wondering what to get her this holiday season, give her the gift of luxury sex toys and sex accessories. Here are My Secret Luxury’s Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Women, which are all waterproof & rechargeable:

Fun Factory Stronic Pulsator – Whether you choose the Stronic EinsStronic Drei or Stronic Zwei, you won’t be disappointed. These pulsators do not vibrate. Instead they pulsate and mimic the back and forth movement of penetration giving her a vaginal orgasm like no other. Try a pulsator with a clitoral vibrator and experience the “Cadillac of Sex Toys” and experience a different kind of pleasure.

JimmyJane Form 2 Vibrator – The most popular and best selling JimmyJane vibrator, Form 2 has a very unique shape and is very powerful. Two flexible vibrating ears each have their own motor. When you squeeze them together – WOW! Unlike other vibrators with “ears”, Form 2’s ears do not loose power when they come in contact with the body.

Minna Ola Vibrator and Minna Limon Vibrator – These programmable vibrators lets you have control of the vibrations. With amazing squeeze technology, the harder you press, the more vibration you feel. If you want less vibration, press the toys softer. Making these vibrators excellent first vibrators, they are powerful yet quiet.

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator – If you own a Sonic toothbrush, you know how awesome sonic technology can be. The Revel Body is a discreet sex toy that has amazing power and vibration range. It is super quiet and very comfortable in your hand. Use it to stimulate the clitoris or massage any part of the body.

We-Vibe 4 Vibrator – The best couples vibrator that is worn while having sex just got even better. Fitting her body even better for extra stimulation to the clitoris and the G-spot, this remote controlled couples vibrator is fun for both partners. Rechargeable and waterproof, you can take this couples sex toy anywhere!

Happy Holidays!

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