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Top 5 LELO Vibrators



LELO toys are synonymous with luxury and high quality. Launched in 2003, LELO AB is the Swedish company who was one of the first manufacturers to transform the look, feel & function of how adult toys are perceived.

With that in mind, LELO designs some of the best vibrators in the market today. Discreet, well made and powerful, LELO vibrators and sex toys do not disappoint.

Here are our top 5 LELO toys and vibrators:

LELO Mona 2 Vibrator

Preferred by those who enjoy girth and fullness, this curvy vibrator with a wide middle will drive your G-spot crazy! It is waterproof, rechargeable and excellent for travel since it locks. The buttons are super easy to use and find in the dark. The deep vibration from the motor is perfect on the clitoris and is the perfect angle to hold against your vulva.

LELO Gigi 2 Vibrator

Some women don’t like a large vibrator or a sense of fullness . . . and there’s nothing wrong with that. The best LELO G-spot vibrator for those who want something a little less intimidating is the Gigi 2. Smaller and more petite than Mona 2, it has a curved shape with a flattened tip that is designed to directly massage the G-spot. It is also waterproof, rechargeable and excellent for travel since it also locks. The buttons are similar to Mona’s and are easy to use. Many women like using Gigi 2 externally to stimulate the clitoris.

LELO Lyla 2 Vibrator

Lyla 2 is a powerful, quiet bullet vibrator that also works as a remote control vibrating egg. Designed to be used externally, it can be used internally as well for discreet sensations with a partner or hands-free solo pleasure. Its gentle contours and light weight ensures that it stays perfectly in position at all times, comfortably and pleasurably.

LELO Ora Vibrator

Ora is a beautiful external vibrator that simulates the same pleasurable feelings of oral sex. This oral sex simulator has a unique stimulator that provides fast flicks, circular swirls and intense vibrations on and around the clitoris. Ora is a LELO vibrator that works best for women with a clitoris that is easily accessible and not nestled in the labia.

LELO Smart Wand  Massager

Although corded massagers are super powerful, they aren’t convenient and they aren’t for everyone. You need an electrical outlet and they can’t go into the shower or bath tub. Not everyone can handle that kind of power. Both the Large and Medium sized Smart Wands are discreet and beautiful yet still powerful. These waterproof and fully-rechargeable handheld massagers also feature SenseTouch™ Technology that turns on and intensifies vibration strength when the wand tip touches your skin.

The LELO massager also has the largest motor of any LELO vibrator. This means that it offers a powerful vibe on its highest setting, and when turned down low, a deep rumble that feels great on the shoulders after a long day.

No matter what LELO vibrator you choose, you won’t regret it! As one of the premier luxury adult toy manufacturers, LELO toys are high quality products that are not only beautiful and discreet but are built to last!


5 Best LELO Vibrators for the Women of Luxury

LELO toys are synonymous with luxury & high quality. They have some of the best vibrators in the market today. Here are our top 5 LELO toys and vibrators!
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