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What is Electro-Sex? Erotic electrostimulation can be fun!


Electricity and sex . . . .  Wouldn’t that hurt or be dangerous? Do they go together? Actually, they do.


Electrical impulses are constantly running through our body. The body those electrical impulses all the time to exchange information between nerve endings and the brain. Those electrical impulses help us to then feel touch and more importantly . . . pleasure.

And where are the most nerve endings that love pleasure? Down there! That is why you are so sensitive in that area. With the right stimulator, each of these nerves can be tingled for ultimate pleasure. When done correctly, electrostimulation can be very erotic.

E-stim (short for electrical stimulation) has become more and more popular the past couple of years. Why? Because it doesn’t hurt – It feels good!

Really? Yes!

Let’s not forget that electrostimulation has been used in the medical field for many years to treat chronic pain or rebuild muscles strength. It doesn’t hurt — it can help you! Along the way, someone decided to experiment with stimulating other body parts.


Who Does Erotic Electrostimulation?

Electro-sex is not just for people into BDSM. It can be for anyone who enjoys pleasure and is willing to try something new and different. Whether alone or with a partner, you can try electro-sex. Although we might admit that it is more fun with a partner!

What Does It Feel Like?

It could be anything from a gentle tickle to a strong stimulation.

Electro Sex for Beginners

The easiest way to try electro-sex is with an electro-sex sex toy. These toys can be used for solo or couple play. No matter what the situation you are in, there is a whole world of things you can do and try that may get you to a fast and intense orgasm, or steadily maintain a slowly spreading tingling sensation that will keep you happy for hours and hours.

To get started, you will need:

  • An e-stim toy that transfers those electrical impulses to your skin
  • A good understanding of what is safe and what is not

The First Time

With this kind of toy, it’s best to try it out first and experiment in your hand instead of your genitals. Make sure to communicate and set ground rules before you begin. Also, make sure that you or your partner are not wearing rings or metal bracelets.

Turn the toy on slowly going through all of the modes. When you’re done experimenting, it’s time to turn the e-stim toy off.

Remember: Always turn off the current before you let go of the toy.

When you are ready to use the toy on your genitals, make sure to use a generous amount of water-based lubricant.

Our favorite e-stim toys are from Mystim, the premier luxury sex toy manufacturer of e-stim sex toys. Mystim toys use vibration and electrical stimulation for unbelievable pleasure. The Mystim e-stim sex toys have a conductive surface that runs the entire length of the toy’s body with 5 electrical stimulation programs and 10 speeds. Combine that with powerful and silent motors that have 8 vibration patterns and speeds. WOW!

Ready to experiment with erotic electrostimulation and try something new?


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