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What Is Hotel Sex?

Hotel Sex

Have you ever noticed that hotel sex is different from regular sex at home? Whether at home or at a hotel, you have a bed and a door to close on the rest of the world. So, what is the difference? What is hotel sex and why is it better?

You Are Relaxed

When you are having hotel sex, you feel relaxed because there are no distractions. All of your home responsibilities are left . . . at home. When at a hotel, you no longer worry about the things that you normally worry about like getting up to walk the dog, feeding the kids breakfast, or doing the laundry. An added bonus of having less stress is being able to sleep in and stay in bed!

You Don’t Have to Clean Up

Feel free to mess up the bed and wet the sheets when you are at a hotel. You don’t have to clean up! However, please leave a nice tip for the housekeeper who does have to clean up after you!


When at a hotel, you can be anyone you want to be. Try something new, like a new position or luxury sex toys, and be loud as loud as you want to be! No children to wake up or complaints from roommates or neighbors. ( You might have to quiet down when security comes knocking on your door because of  complaints. But, who cares? They don’t know who you are!) You could also try some exhibitionism. Open the curtains just enough so that someone outside can see what you are doing. For some people, that is a huge turn on. So, let loose!

New Sensations

Staying at a hotel can mean a different size bed or better mattress or even better sheets.  The hotel bed might have bedposts or a backboard that can be used to tie someone up with wrist restraints. Use those new sensations to your advantage and live out a fantasy or two!

Room Service

Did you work up an appetite after that long sex session? Pick up the phone and order some sustenance. You deserve it for all of your hard work. Plus, you have permission to eat in bed . . . naked!

Why Hotel Sex Is Better

We are all busy and it is so easy to loose sight of yourself and each other in the daily details of your life. Hotel sex is a great way to reconnect and set the stage for a romantic and/or raunchy encounter.

So what are you waiting for? Try some hotel sex. Everyone could benefit from it as often as possible!

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